Thursday, February 10, 2011

A House and Book for Vika

Today, I had the great privilege to buy a house for Vika.  NO, it is not the kind of house you are thinking of.  She does have a HOME already, but we bought a house for her today.  We bought this house as a very special memory of those that have had a part in bringing Vika home into our family.  We were able to buy this beautiful house fully furnished that looks like new it was previously loved from a very nice family, who did not need it any more.  We had prayed for us to find such a house, and God provided in a beautiful way.  Okay, now that you are curious, I will reveal what I am talking about.  :)
We thought that we would get Vika her very first "toy" that is all her own (although I am sure she will share).  We want this dollhouse to become unlike any other dollhouse ever made.  With your help, we want to fill this dollhouse with furniture and people that have your names, who had a part in bringing her home.  This house comes with a big collection of furniture and people and seven steps on a staircase, and what we would like to do is put your name on one of these pieces as a memorial of your love for Vika.  Now, there are a LOT of individual pieces here as well as the parts that make up the house and rooms.  We would love to have a name on everything!
You will find a "Chip-In" button on the bottom of this post and also on our sidebar where you can donate to our adoption fund set up through Reece's Rainbow.  All of the money you contribute through this chip-in will go directly to our adoption fund for Vika and will be used for the sole purpose of paying for our adoption expenses.  All donations are also tax-deductible.  When you contribute through the Chip-In, please make sure you put in the comments that the donation is for Vika for the Koenig family.  Anyone who donates $10 or more, please send me the name you would like us to put on the piece of Vika's house, and if there is a special piece you might want us to put it on, and you will become a very special part of Vika's dollhouse so she can forever remember how much she is loved.  If you want to contribute a larger amount, we will put your name on the dollhouse itself. 
We are also putting together a photo book for Vika of the people that had an impact in bringing Vika home.  If you would like to be included in this album, please email me a picture along with your story and how you had an impact on Vika's homecoming-this can be prayer, financially, advocating, etc.  We would love to include all of you as you are very precious to us and through your love for Vika and our Saviour we are all connected to each other in a special way. 
Finally, as you can see, I have placed a fundraising thermometer on the right side of our blog.  For every $500 mark we meet, we will send the person who puts us over that $500 mark a very special 10 Commandment print (Size 8x10).  The photograph is of the Pensacola Bay Bridge.  If you would instead like to purchase a 4x6 card of this print (these are limited), you can do that, too.  Just make a donation of $10 to our fund and email me your name and address, and I will mail it to you. 
Thank you so much for helping us bring Vika home!  We know that God will bless  you above measure for the impact you had on her life!  There are more fundraisers coming very soon including some giveaways, some very YUMMY food ordering and one very special giveaway, which will be completed while we are traveling. 

My email address is caekoenig @ gmail . com


  1. I will email you soon! GREAT ideas!

  2. Hi! HOw are things going? It looks like all your waiting for is your 171? You are making great time!! Whoohoo!!