Monday, March 7, 2011

Fundraiser in Memory of Dasha (aka Marlena)

Last week this precious baby girl, Dasha, died without ever knowing the love of a family.  Dasha was left in a hospital in Eastern Europe after birth when her parents were unable to care for her.  God sent a wonderful missionary to the hospital where she was left, who got to hold her and love her and pray with her in September 2010, when she was only 6 weeks old.  This was probably the first time in her life that Dasha was held simply to be loved.  Dasha had a Mama and a Papa committed to her, working very hard to get all the paperwork completed to be able to bring her home.  The day before their paperwork was successfully submitted, Dasha died during heart surgery.  The Reynolds also lost the second child they were committed to adopting because his family, although they could not take care of him, could not bear the thought of letting him go to a far away country. 
In many ways, the adoption process is like pregnancy.  We make a commitment, prepare, plan, tell our family and friends, pray without ceasing over, raise funds for, and wait to bring these precious children into our family.   The difference is that we already have a picture of this precious child, we already know some of her/his needs, and in some ways, we feel that their fate is in our hands to bring them home as quickly as possible.  However, during the adoption process, we come to the realization that NOTHING about it is in our hands.  Sure, we can do everything possible to get everything done that is within our power, but all along this process we become completely dependent on other people to do their part.  I have never been so thankful before that we are NOT dependent on anyone but the Lord.  He is our Provider, our Protector, our Good Shepherd, and most importantly our Father, who loves us and holds everything in His hands.  He is also the One that carries us through those times where we feel completely broken and unable to go on.  He is the only one that can bring us through losing a child we just spent months preparing for.  Because of His infinite love, we know that Dasha finally knows how much she is loved.  She is no longer suffering, she has no more pain, no more sorrow, and no more "imperfect" body.  She is in Jesus' arms, who told his disciples to bring the little children to Him because they are who make up His kingdom.  Pray for the Reynolds as they heal and find strength to move on. 

A Rag Quilt in Memory of Dasha
Their story does not end here.  They are still actively pursuing adoption of special needs children from Eastern Europe.  They also need help to raise the necessary funds to bring those children home.  I have been trying to do something that would be a memory to them of Dasha, but would also bring about the adoption of other children.  This is what I came up with:  
One of the pieces on this quilt will have Dasha's picture printed on it, and another will have a Bible verse and her name embroidered on it.  The remaining pieces are for YOU to add to the quilt.  The more people contribute, the bigger the quilt will become.  I have picked out these fabrics to be part of the quilt:
It's lined with a white ultra cuddle material.  Each square will be 5 inches wide.  For a baby cuddle blanket, the quilt will need to be at least 45 inches square, so 81 pieces times 2 (front and back).  That's 162 pieces.  I have set up a chip-in that will go directly to the Reynolds' adoption fund set up through Reece's Rainbow and all donations are tax deductible.  For every $10 donated through the Chip-In, I will add a piece in your honor to Dasha's quilt.  It would be such an encouragement to see how God used this great loss to bring about something wonderful in the life/lives of another precious child/children.  Thank you for remembering and praying for these precious children that have little time to find their families! 


  1. Just donated, I"m so happy to be part of the gorgeous quilt!!

  2. Poor Dasha! I feel bad for the couple who wanted to save her!

  3. Thank you. What a blessing for me to honor this sweet baby girl in such a beautiful way...