Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Urgent Prayer Request for Another Adopting Family

This prayer request is one that I could have written a few short weeks ago.  I haven't shared this miracle the Lord did with you all yet, because well at the time, I had no idea how good the Lord was to us.  When I took Eliisa to the medical clinic for her medical evaluation to be cleared for her visa to immigrate into the U.S., the doctor there reviewed her medical records and wanted her to have a chest x-ray.  Due to the language barrier, I did not fully understand why she requested the x-ray, although I did understand that it was because Eliisa had TB at some point in her life in the orphanage.  The chest x-ray came back clear, praise the Lord, and we were cleared by the doctor for our visa.  Since returning home, we have visited our pediatrician twice for testing to find out if she did indeed had TB.  I found out then that the reason there was concern at all is because Eliisa was only treated for 3 months, when the normal course of treatment for TB here in the U.S. is supposed to be for 9 months.  Eliisa did test positive for the skin test (as she should have since she did have TB), and per the advice of the infectious disease doctor, we have started her on 9 months of TB antibiotics. 
Now to the prayer request: The Warner family adopted their son Joshua from the same country we adopted Eliisa  from.  When they went to the medical clinic that has to sign the medical release this past week so that they could complete their journey home, they found out that Joshua has either pneumonia or TB.  If he has TB, he will not be issued a visa nor allowed to travel home until he completes at least 6 months of treatment in U.  However, in order to rule out TB, three sputum samples must be obtained.  In order to obtain these cultures the doctor is telling them that he must be sedated.  Since Joshua has Down Syndrome, sedating him is very risky and not optimal.  However, if they choose not to do this test, they have to remain in country to have Joshua treated for 6-8 weeks for pneumonia before another chest x-ray will be obtained to make sure that he does not in fact have TB.  Staying for 6-8 weeks in U. away from family, friends, and being treated by foreign doctors would be very hard on the family and they do not have the funds to be able to do that.  Also, Lisa Warner's sister passed away yesterday unexpectedly, and they really need to be able to come home to be here for her family.  Please pray that the Lord would intervene mightily on this family's behalf and that they would be able to decide the best option for their son and that he could be cleared to travel home so that he can be treated and get well.  You can read the Warner's blog here.  This is how great our God is because we could have also been retained in Eastern Europe for weeks or months.  Praise the Lord for His goodness to us! 

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