Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Cup of Coffee

Yes, this post is about coffee.  If you know me and my family well, you know that we LOVE coffee.  In my humble opinion, there is just no better way to start the day.  Just take a look at Amarissa at 9 months old.  I could barely keep her from my cup of coffee (no worries, NO babies were harmed)!  Now, I know there are many of you who would beg to differ, and you are probably right.  :)  But for the time being, I am going to enjoy every good cup of coffee I get to enjoy in peace and quiet.
Our house is not exactly known for peace and quiet, but there is at least one time of the day that it is and that's when I have that cup of coffee and spend my quiet time with the Lord.  Now, I have had plenty of cups of coffee that were a far cry from a "good" cup of coffee.  So, in order for you to avoid having to ever drink a bad cup of coffee, I am offering a remedy for you: 

Aroma Ridge Coffee is a company that more than 20 years ago, their passion for the perfect cup of coffee inspired them to start a small, family-owned business. Today, they have blossomed into Aroma Ridge, offering an array of the finest mountain-grown gourmet coffees to homes, coffee shops and retailers across the country.

Their secret: hand-selected beans from the coffee producing countries, roasted to perfection by their very own Roast Master in small batches for a more even, cleaner roast. From your very first experience with Aroma Ridge, you are welcomed as a part of their family. Your coffee is prepared for you and only you—roasted and flavored to order, and delivered to your table.

They’ve grown since their early days, but they continue to honor the tenets that helped them realize their passion: buy from the highest quality growers; roast the beans to order with perfection; and deliver the best customer service possible. 

Not only does Aroma Ridge make great coffee, but they have also done something even more wonderful for us.  They have printed labels and made our own custom bags for your coffee to help us bring Vika home.  They are graciously donating the proceeds of every bag of coffee you purchase on our behalf to our adoption expenses.  We are so amazed how God allowed us to be blessed by this company!  You can order coffee directly from their website and use the coupon code "vika" when you check out or you can order custom label coffees from us and we will deliver them to you freshly roasted.  The custom flavors with our labels are:  Vika's Roast, Vika's Vanilla Almond, Vika's White Chocolate Macademia, Vika's Coconut Rum, Vika's Chocolate Mint, Vika's Creme Brulee, Vika's Jamaica Me Crazy (Yes, Becky,  I added those last two flavors just for you!!!  :)).  I only have one warning for you: be prepared to LOVE this coffee so much, you will keep buying more!  :) 

Now, since this post is about coffee, I received an email yesterday from another coffee shop that has wonderful coffee, but is local to Pensacola, Florida.  If there are any readers that live close enough, you should not miss enjoying a wonderful cup of coffee or a breakfast treat or a yummy lunch at the Drowsy Poet.  And while you are there, take a look at some of Abe's artwork they have on display to help us raise more funds for our adoption.  Not only have they allowed us to display Abe's artwork there, but they have also given us a generous donation towards our adoption!  Isn't God amazing?!  We are blessed beyond measure and thankful beyond words! 

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