Tuesday, April 26, 2011

On Yard Sales, Haircuts, and Mother's Day Treats

Can you believe the mess? 
So, I guess none of these things really have anything to do with each other, but this is a very busy week around our house, so here it goes.  Well, I guess there is one common denominator and that is Vika.  I will most likely be quiet for the rest of the week (unless of course we get a travel date this week-I promise I will update you on that), as on Saturday, we will be having a hopefully very BIG yard sale/bake sale/ maybe hot dogs sale/and drink sale. 

Yes, that is really my garage!

Our neighborhood was so kind to do a neighborhood yard sale to hopefully attract more people to come.  We are a little off the beaten path, but when God is in it, He will bless it.  Yard sales are a lot of work, and frankly I don't really care for them all that much for that reason, but this one is for the life of a little girl, and no amount of work will make it not worth it. 
So, if you are in the Atlanta area, email me for directions to our house for some yummy Pioneer Woman's maple frosted cinnamon rolls, freshly brewed coffee, maybe a good bargain for something you need to have, AND a chance to get a $50 restaurant gift card absolutely FREE!  Yes, you read that right.  It is a fun giveaway just to say thank you for coming out to support us and Vika's adoption.  If you don't live close enough, but know someone who does, please send them our way.  :) 

As for the haircut story....  Our oldest daughter, Annalee, got her third haircut in her life (minus the time when they had to shave it for surgery), and for the second time in her life we were able to cut enough off to donate it to Locks of Love.  She has beautiful thick hair.  But because she has an extremely sensitive head, it is very hard to brush her hair without many tears.  And in my humble opinion, she also looks so cute in her short haircut.  The best part about it is that she was able to do something for another child, and that in itself is a big blessing.  I got a haircut too, and a perm, because unlike my daughter, I was not blessed with beautiful thick hair...  :)  And my dear friend Kelly, who always cuts my hair donated 50% of the cost of my haircut and perm toward our adoption!  Isn't God so, so good?!!!  Thank you Kelly! 

Lastly, if you are looking for a special Mother's Day Present, don't forget the diamond necklace giveaway the Coleman's are doing for us.  If you are looking for something delicious and sweet, you can also stop by Renee's blog, who is raising money to bring home their daughter, Paisley, from Eastern Europe.  She is offering the most delicious white chocolate toffee-which consists of creamy white chocolate sprinkled with brown sugar and a brown sugar buttery graham cracker crust.  I believe any mother would be honored that she had a part in bringing home a precious orphan and to top it off get a delicious homemade treat, or better yet, order some for yourself!  I promise you will not be disappointed.  If you are interested, you can order some here


  1. What time is the yard sale?

  2. My laptop has died and I can't access my old email. So I'm checking email online. Please email me about the sale this weekend. We've either hosted or helped with MANY yard sale fundraisers. I'd like to help this weekend.

  3. The yard sale is from 7 a.m. until 3 p.m. We would love any and all help! :)

  4. Tee hee hee, Corrie, we are having a massive yard sale too this weekend! So let's send each of our customers to each other!! Email me your address and I will print it off and give it to those who stop by to see me so they can come see you too! Annalee looks awesome! Hope all is well!