Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Leaving to Get to Vika's Orphanage

In a couple of hours, we will be getting on a train to travel to Vika's city! We have our referral and our dossier in hand, and are waiting to be picked up by our trusty driver!  God had His hands of protection over us today, and we are so thankful!  When we get there we will likely get to stop by our apartment to drop off our luggage and then we will be off to a full day of paperwork, meeting Vika, etc.  After almost six months of preparing for this day, it seems so surreal that this day is really finally come!  To say that we are excited does not begin to describe it!  To say that we are thankful for how the Lord has worked everything together so we could get to this day, does not come close to describing how truly, overwhelmingly blessed we are.  To say that we are thankful beyond words for all of you who have made this possible and who are standing behind us in prayer is just the very tip of the iceberg to describe our thankfulness.  God has been so good to us and I know that He will continue to work all things together for good as we finish up the rest of this journey!  I promise to update everyone tomorrow, but please be patient because it may be a long day before we will get to come back to the apartment to update you!!  :)

By the way, Abe thinks he died and went to heaven because he can watch soccer here!  :)  At least he has something to keep him entertained while I am getting my work done. 
Like many other big cities around the world we have been to, the difference between wealthy and poor is so dramatic, at times is seems impossible.  Here is just one tiny example:

There are people and children that live like this!

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