Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Sunday to Remember

As you know, we did not get to see Vika today, but I am going to post a couple of videos at the end of this post, so you still feel like you are getting something "new" about Vika today.  :)  God gave us some renewed strength for what lies ahead of us today as we got the chance to sleep in, listen to a sermon, and just relaxed some today.  We also enjoyed a yummy homemade Pasta Dinner (again, I believe you can have that in any country), and tonight, the Lord blessed us with some wonderful company. 

We had the privilege to meet Max with this ministry.  Max has been working in orphan ministries here in town since he is eleven years old.  It was clearly the Lord's leading in his life, and it is amazing how much his ministry has grown since the Lord first allowed him to meet the very first orphan.  The best part is, he speaks perfect ENGLISH although he is a native of Vika's country!!! :)  We enjoyed some delicious icecream together, and we got to know more about his ministry.  We stand in awe of how the Lord is using him in the life of thousands of orphans here in this city, and we will get the privilege to get involved within his ministry during the remainder of our time here.  It was always our desire that the Lord would use us on this trip to not only be here to bring Vika home, but also to be able to somehow be used by the Lord in the life of these children we have to leave behind.  Through our wonderful friend Andrea, we found out about Max.  Max just recently visited the States and is now back home to begin his full summer program in many different orphanages.  God has really blessed us in so many ways on this journey, and we are so thankful for how He is carrying us through each new day!  Thank you for all your prayers!  Please continue to pray for a quick court date for us and that Vika will understand why we did not get to see her this weekend!  We cannot wait to see her again tomorrow and tell her just how much we love her!  Now, for the long awaited videos: 

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  1. So glad you got to meet Max! Does that mean that you have a visit to two very special little boys planned soon??? :)