Monday, May 30, 2011


I will update on Vika in a little bit, but right now, we really need your prayers.  We have a court date for Friday; however, we have not yet received our interpol clearance from Germany.  Since we have previously lived in Germany, we cannot go to court until we have been cleared through Interpol.  The German Interpol has not given any response to our request, and if they do not respond, we cannot have our scheduled court date.  We know that prayers can move mountains, and if it is His will that He can move that mountain.  Please pray that the Lord would move that mountain and we would have our clearances in time for court, but if He does not, we will accept His will, that our girls back home will understand and that the people caring for our girls will be able to handle it a while longer!  There is another family here, the Colemans, who submitted to German Interpol before we did, and their court date already had to be postponed.  Please remember them in prayer as well!