Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tired but Happy

We got to Vika a little early today, and she was so tired.  She has had a cold since we first got to see her, so I am not sure if she is getting more sick or if we came in the middle of breakfast or nap or why she was so tired.  But she was oh so happy to see us, and we really enjoyed ourselves together!  We did some bubbles, did a massage (which she absolutely LOVES), played with the ball, sat in the swing, sang, and laughed and tickled.  We had a great time together and the time to say good-bye came way too soon.

Getting a Massage

Papa walking just like Vika.  :)

If she can't make you happy, NO ONE can!  :)

Trying to blow some bubbles.

Blowing a kiss to my sisters back home.

Snuggling with Papa.

"Oh, man!  Do I really have to go already?"  :)
The Lord knew we needed some good laughs this morning because after we got back we tried to make some phone calls to someone, anyone who would help us reach anything about our German Interpol Clearance, without success.  It is so incredibly frustrating to have to stand by and not be able to do anything.  At the same time, we also know that God can do anything and that He is testing our faith through it all.  So, we have decided to give it all into His loving hands and letting Him handle it.  So many of you are praying fervently for us, and we know that the prayer of a righteous man availeth much, and so we will walk forward in faith believing what His Word says.  We do not know the outcome, but we can be assured that the outcome will be what is good for us.  

This afternoon we got to visit where Vika would be in a little more than 10 years from now.  We got to see the place where children with special needs will go after they have aged out of the orphanages.  To say that it is heartbreaking and eye opening is an understatement.  We were received with so much love and appreciation, it was truly fulfilling even in the midst of great despair. 

We did NOT end our day this way, in case you are wondering.  :) We were able to meet back up with our friends and enjoyed some delicious icecream and some kind of cookie dessert, and played a game of Skip-Bo.  It was a fun time of fellowship and sharing our journeys.  Please pray for Ruthann and Mark tomorrow as they will have court and Mark will have to leave to go back to the capital city and then home while Ruthann stays behind by herself.  It is so wonderful to be able to fellowship together and share in our journeys with each other.  We are thankful and we are blessed! 


  1. Love her SMILE!!! Praying for you!

  2. Enjoyed the video so much! Praying for you!