Friday, June 24, 2011

How Great is Our God!

To tell you the truth, I was feeling like writing a much different post today.  But the Lord reminded me that dwelling on the negative aspects of my life never brings me anywhere.  However, when I choose to take my eyes of my misery, He has the opportunity to show me all the GREAT things that He has done in my life, and I can keep on moving forward, and He can use those things to work GOOD in my life.  Yes, this second trip has not been easy.  Yes, I am looking forward to home more than I ever thought possible for many reasons.  Yes, I do not enjoy being stretched to my very limit and beyond, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, but I know that through it all, the Lord has blessed me with so much. 

So, I thought I would share some of the wonderful blessings, He has blessed me with on this second trip.  The list would be too long to share in one blog post, but here are some of the highlights:
  • All of the main paperwork is done and we are safely in Kiev.
  • Eliisa Vika has done EXTREMELY well through this whole ordeal.  Remember that she has very rarely been outside the four walls of the orphanage she has been in.  She has not experienced riding in cars, buses, trains, etc.  She does not know about the loud noises that she has heard, like the train blowing his horn right as we walk past it, or cars honking their horns, and buses blowing off steam as we walk directly past them, or dogs barking, etc.  She cannot express her needs, and I am just getting to know her and her needs.  It is much like having a newborn, except that she has learned not to cry for things because it would not do her much good.  She has been very patient with me as I learn to meet her needs, and we get to know each other.
  • How much joy Eliisa Vika has to give me.  How can I be discouraged when I look in her face and she always has a smile or a giggle in spite of all that she has been through?  I am so undeserving of the blessing of her in my life.
  • I got an internet connection, and was able to skype with the girls and Abe today for the first time since leaving home!  How can I even praise the Lord enough for that? 
  • I have been supported and lifted up in prayer and truly been carried by those prayers on this second trip.
  • I have met many wonderful people on this journey, who have given of their time and energy to help out when I had no idea what I was doing.
  • I am able to stay in a dorm at a seminary for a great price.
  • I was able to venture out and go shopping today, and although it rained while I was doing this errand, it rained the whole time I was in the store, but not before and not after.  :)  
  • I was able to navigate potholes, construction zones, busy streets, stairs, etc. with a 5-year-old in a stroller and groceries and water, and I did not even get runover or stuck or worse.  And Eliisa Vika just sat in the stroller quietly the whole time.
  • I was given two CDs with music that I brought with me by my dear friend Ulla that have been wonderful encouragement and given me a renewed strength in the Lord . 
  • I have had wonderful friends and family who have sacrificed so much to be help Abe as he has the girls all to himself for the first time ever.  I think he is looking forward to me coming home.  :)  Sometimes, going away is good for a new perspective of what we mamas do in a day. 
  • The girls have done so well with my being gone.  I am so blessed!  I was at my breaking point today, and then I got the chance to talk to them, and to hear how well they are doing, and how much they love me and their new sister, and my spirit was just instantly lifted.
  • Even though there have been extremely few people who speak any English, I have been able to communicate at least the most important things.
  • Although I have traveled the train by myself on two occassions without any idea who would be in the same compartment with me, the Lord was so good in giving me "good" companions, who have even been willing to help me to get out of the train quickly with all my luggage, printer, and Eliisa Vika. 
  • This morning, I was blessed by a visitor knocking on my door with some freshly prepared food and some markers and paper for Eliisa.  What a blessing from a complete stranger! 
You see, the list could go and on, but this is just from the last couple of days.  I am blessed above measure.  I leave you with a picture, a video, and a song that I have sung many times, but really got a new meaning for me today.  I am sorry about the lack of pictures.  I am obviously NOT the photographer in our family, and it is a little hard to take pictures and take care of our new daughter at the same time, and we really didn't do anything of significance today.  :)  If it wasn't for Abe, we would have NO pictures of our life at all. 

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  1. Aw, keep up the good work! I can't imagine traveling by myself with a child in a foreign country...praying for God's hand to continue to guide you, and lead you home safely. And enjoy that precious little girl while you're at it! :D

    Elk Grove, CA