Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Rainy Day in the Big City

The whole time we were in our region, we did not have ANY rain, and since I have been to the capital city with Eliisa, it has rained every day.  :)  Eliisa did not sleep too soundly during the night as she fell out of bed at least three times.  A couple of times, she went under my bed, and I lifted her back into her bed.  I was debating just setting up a bed on the floor tonight.  :)  When she woke up this morning and after she had had some breakfast, she started to scream and was unconsolable.  I am not sure why or what was bothering her.  I did give her some Motrin and after about 20 minutes, she calmed down and there were no more tears the rest of the day, so that makes me think that maybe she was in some kind of pain.  I am just glad and praise the Lord that she did stop.  Our morning was very quiet after that, and then around noon a group of missionaries to the orphans in another city about two hours away came for a visit.  We went to a traditional restaurant.  The drive there was incredible.  So many cars and buses just gridlocked while it was pouring down rain.  I imagine it would have taken us about fifteen minutes to walk there.  Instead it took us an hour by van.  The problem is that when it rains the sidewalks become very hard to navigate, and virtually impossible to navigate with a stroller.
So, we drove and talked.  Eliisa really loves driving in the car, which will be really great when we get home.  I see a trip to Florida and a trip to the mountains in our near future.  :)  Eliisa got a little anxious while we were getting our food.  It was sort of set up like a buffet style.  You go through the line and pick what you want to eat and then pay and sit down to eat.  It was quite crowded and loud, and Eliisa got impatient.  Thanks to Pastor Misha, she calmed down once he took her somewhere quiet.  We sat down and ate and talked some more and drove back to the seminary, which was again a long drive.   Eliisa slept sitting on my lap for most of the trip.  We got back and Alla, Oksana, Nadia, and Pastor Misha got on their way back home, while Vika and I enjoyed laughing and playing.  She loves to laugh and giggle and once she figures out how to have fun on her own, there will be no stopping her.  It is really interesting how she will just sit and do nothing unless I come and entertain her.  She can have all the toys in her reach and a lot of space to walk around and play in, and yet, she does not know what to do with the freedom she has.  Hopefully, once she sees her sisters playing, she will understand that she is allowed to play and enjoy herself.  Here are some pictures and a couple of videos of our day.  I will add some more later as Pastor Misha and Oksana took quite a few as well.  Tomorrow, Eliisa and I will try to venture to church together.  I am looking forward to and praying for some fellowship. 


  1. I love her laugh! Thanks for letting me hear it.

    Rebecca Koenig

  2. Corrie, her laugh is just SO precious!!!

  3. Yes, the cute laugh! :D

    Elk Grove, CA

  4. Congratulations to your whole family. What a joy she is. Love that your mom named you after Corrie TenBoom!