Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Long Visit

Today, we got to have our longest visit yet with Vika.  It was so wonderful to be able to see her today after our disappointment last weekend.  At the same time, we fear that the same thing that happened last weekend will happen again this weekend.  It is something completely out of our control, so we just need to pray that God, who loves Vika infinitely more than we do, will take care of her while we can't.  It was a beautiful day outside-warm but with a nice breeze.  We mostly sat in the grass and played.  Vika was definitely getting tired again when we brought her back to her group.  It has to be hard for a little mind to understand what is going on and why we come and go!  I cannot wait for the day that she will be ours, and I will not have to drop her off ever again.  Several times, she tried to walk right out of the orphanage.  Soon the day is coming that she can!  Here are some pictures of our day:

We picked up more water after our visit and took the bus home like we do every day.  Riding the bus is cheap and easy.  The buses are running constantly and most of the time, we actually get a seat to sit down.  I was thankful that we got to sit today since we had water and some other groceries.  We had planned to get together with some friends for dinner, but I was not feeling well at all in the afternoon, so we had to cancel.  Tomorrow, we will try to go to church in the morning.  It will not be in English, so it will be another new experience for us!  :)  Since I miss my girls so much, I thought I would share some pictures that Becky sent me of all the fun they are having while we are gone.  Now, you know why I miss them so much!  :)


  1. Your girls are so precious! All 5 of them! I always pray for your family before bed. I'll try to call you later today.

  2. Corrie, Vika is so precious little girl!
    Your daughters are so pretty!Blessings in your journey!