Friday, January 14, 2011


We are very happy to report that we completed our final homestudy visit this past Saturday. Now, we can move onto the next step once our homestudy report is complete: submitting our I-600A to USCIS. In the meantime, we will be preparing our dossier, and I am slowly gearing up for that. Of course, we couldn't get anything done for a whole week because we were buried under 5 inches of snow, which for the North is a normal occurrence but in the South, where there are no snowplows, etc., we enter a State of Emergency and everything shuts down.  The biggest problem was that everything would just freeze over at night because of the extremely cold temperatures.  It was really an amazing sight to see everything just glistening from the ice on top of the snow. 
I did not make any special preparations before the snow came, but we had plenty of food and whatever else we could have needed. We tried to sled (without a sled) down our hill unsuccessfully. Too bad as we live on the top of a very steep hill. One of these days, we will just have to find ourselves a sled. Rolling down our backyard had to do. Annalee was having the best time. It is amazing how much she has changed since she can hear! Every day, I praise the Lord for giving us the wisdom to move forward with her BAHA (What's a BAHA you wonder? Stay tuned, I am working on a separate post just for you :)!) Ellie on the other hand was much more afraid, which is very classic for because she does not have depth perception. Although in general she has learned how to know depth, it is impossible in snow because there is no light or darker, etc. (Yes! There is also a separate post coming about strabismus, amblyopia, and the benefits of vision therapy). The two littlest ones had a hard time because they were sinking into the snow and couldn't move anymore (No! There is no post coming about short legs!:)) The girls had a classic case of cabin fever, so we actually ventured out today. No one was harmed, and we made it home safely!  Here are some pictures of the snow, although you all probably have plenty of your own! 

Making a Snow Angel


  1. For NEXT year, you can use cardboard boxes or a big cookie sheet for sledding! The girls are Precious!

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