Sunday, January 23, 2011

Every Life Is PRECIOUS!!!

Today, we had the opportunity to share with our church, just how precious every life is born or unborn during our service this morning.  We are so thankful to be loved and supported within our church.  As we were preparing for today, the Lord was really working in our lives as we were reading, praying, and seeking the Lord for what to say.  There are a lot of things that we wanted to share that would never fit into a five minute presentation, and so I thought I would take this week to share with you our thoughts and prayers about adoption and the Sanctity of Life.  Some of these things we were able to share with our church and others just didn't fit into that short period of time. 
The sanctity of life is of course mostly dedicated to address abortion, and I would like to share some thoughts about that throughout this week as well.  But today, I want to share a very personal story of how God protected my own life.  My mom was in a very serious accident thirty-four years ago.  If it was not for a truck driver who saw her car go off the road, she would not be here today and neither would I or my three younger siblings.  This truck driver found my mom's car, but could not find my mom.  People figured that whoever was driving the car probably had already left the scene.  Until the truck driver saw a shoe under the car, and found that my mom had been ejected and was under the car.  This man saved my mom's life.  She had serious injuries, and was left paralyzed on her left side.  Obviously, she had to be on some very heavy medications.  It wasn't long after this accident that she found out that she was pregnant with me.  The doctors' best advice was to have an abortion because of the heavy medications she was on and how pregnancy might affect my mom's recovery or health in general.  These were serious concerns, and yet it was no question for my mom to choose life no matter the outcome.  I believe that God blessed her faith to preserve my life no matter the cost.  God allowed her to "fully" recover, to have a safe pregnancy, deliver a healthy baby, and go on to give birth to three more children.  Today, I am so thankful that my mom chose life for me, as our pastor pointed out today, to see "who I would turn out to be." 
I promised when I got our girls on tape singing "Vika's" song, I would share it with you.  I was honored to hear my girls (minus one-the stage was much too interesting!:)) sing this song for our church today.  Just ignore me!  I had to promise I would sing with them!  :)  Here it is:


  1. Corrie, they are SO precious and will make WONDERFUL sisters to Vika I am sure!

  2. You are blessed. Warms my heart thinking about Vika having all those sisters :)