Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Sanctity of Life Sunday

This Sunday, our church services will have their emphasis on the Sanctity of Life, and we are very privileged that our pastor asked us to share our journey to bring home Vika as a part of the service.  Abe and I both are NOT good public speakers, but we really want to share a glimpse of what God is doing in our lives with our church family.  We are both very excited to share, but also seeking the Lord to say exactly the words that He would want us to say.  We have spent much time in prayer.  Once it is all over, I will share with you, what it is that the Lord laid on our hearts.  We would very much covet your prayers for us as we prepare and share with our church family just how precious EVERY life is, born or unborn.  If you have any words of wisdom for us, we would very much appreciate any input as well.  THANK YOU for taking this journey with us!

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  1. What an exciting opportunity to not only share about Vika, but also about the cause of every orphan! I will def. pray for you guys, and cannot wait to hear how it went. I am sorry I haven't replied to your email yet, -it's been a while - I'll try and get to it this coming week, but please know - even though you might not hear much from me - that you are in our prayers daily!